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As one of the leading firms, Atlas External Chambers is recognized both regionally and nationally for our dedication to the outstanding provision of legal services – combining legal expertise with a down to earth approach, resulting in cost-effective solutions to virtually any legal issue.

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Breaking things down and making things simple. The world of law doesn’t need to be complicated. No matter how complex they might seem, as a key part of what we do; breaking everything down so it’s simple and easy to digest.

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Chapter series is the number one bankruptcy chapter filed in Canada and is commonly known as liquidation bankruptcy.

Wills & Trusts – Power of Attorney

At the Law Office of Atlas External Chambers, we know that Estate Planning.

Employment – Wrongful Termination

There are State and Federal laws prohibiting the kind of discrimination stated above.

Personal Injury

The Law Offices of Atlas External Chambers offers a wide range of high quality legal services in the areas.

Civil Litigation Defense

Being a Plaintiff’s Attorney for the employee, has given this office the experience to be on the defense side defending employers.

Civil Litigation Plaintiff

This office has proven to be tough defending its clients on either side of the face of the complaint.
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