• Bankruptcy

    Chapter 7 is the number one bankruptcy chapter filed in the Canada and is commonly known as liquidation bankruptcy.
  • Wrongful Termination

    The firm handles complaints of wrongful termination matters against employers. Ontario Canada is a State where for the most part employment is “At Will”,
  • ADA Defense

    At the Law Office of Atlas External Chambers, we vigorously defend our clients against ADA Lawsuits. Attorney Atlas External Chambers, as a sole practitioner of law,
  • Personal Injury

    The Law Offices of Atlas External Chambers offers a wide range of high quality legal services in the areas.
  • Civil Litigation Defense

    Being a Plaintiff’s Attorney for the employee, has given this office the experience to be on the defense side defending employers from frivolous claims from employees.
  • Civil Litigation Plaintiff

    This office has proven to be tough defending its clients on either side of the face of the complaint.
  • Corporations

    The Law Office of Atlas External Chambers can represent you in the formation of your corporation that is at least one thing less to worry about.

Welcome to The Law Offices of Atlas External Chambers

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Clients retaining the firm can expect helpful, aggressive, and compassionate representation. The attorney handling your case conducts all interviews. You will be given an honest assessment of your claim based on the facts of the case. The firm keeps its clients updated on a consistent basis, so you never feel left in the dark about developments in your case. Moreover, clients take an active role in the decision-making process. The Law Offices of Atlas External Chambers understands that every case is different which is why no two clients are treated the same. Instead, each client will receive individualized representation and care.

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